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「超級新創加速器」南科基地 中英文簡介

"SuperStartup! Accelerator" South Taiwan Science Park Center Chinese English Introduction


旗訊數位「超級新創加速器」,鏈結國際加速器CEED、Forge、Dragonvision、識富天使會與亞太電信,串連亞洲最大創新創業生態圈E27,落地於南部科學園區Park 17商場2樓,目前提供30座位之共同工作空間、一個可容納約80人之多功能活動空間及舞台,以及1個會議室(可容納約8-10人)供進駐新創團隊申請使用。

Flag Digital’s "SuperStartup! Accelerator" bridges International Accelerator CEED, Forge, Dragonvision, angel-investor, APTG, Connecting Asia largest Innovation & Startup E27 Eco-System, to be located on the 2nd floor of the Park 17 building in STSP. It currently offers a 30-seat co-working space, a multi-purpose area with a platform for activities of around 80 participants, and a meeting room for 8-10 people.





募資協助:將舉辦投資媒合會,促成投資人與新創交流。並舉辦Demo Day暨新創競賽,匯集國內外知名創投、企業投資部門、天使投資人等,增加新創團隊被投資機會。


●超級新創 創業之星1億元行銷(補助)計劃:2019年~2022年,每年遴選出之25家優質團隊可獲得100萬元(等值)行銷補助,4年合計共100家1億元(等值)行銷補助。

●超級新創 南科之光行銷(補助)計畫:2019年~2022年,每年遴選出之10家園區事業或大廠可獲得100萬元(等值)行銷補助,4年合計共40家可獲得總金額4,000萬元(等值)行銷補助。

●R & D Grant: Startups accepted by our accelerator will be eligible to apply for up to NTD 2 million in grants from STSP. For more information please visit: AI Robot Makerspace Grant Program (https://ai-robot.scipark.tw/).
●Business Collaboration: We assist startups to link with enterprises in Southern Taiwan on business or manufacturing solutions, which may lead to further joint research and development of products, on-site solution testing, and sales through enterprise channels.
●Mentors with startup experiences: Mentors with rich startup experiences will give guidance and assist teams to obtain resources in building business strategy which will fuel the success of creative ideas.
●Fund Raising: Startups can attend the Pitch for the chance to get investments in our accelerating programs. Before the end of the programs, we will hold the "The Bakery Demo Day" and contest to increase the opportunities for our startups to meet VCs, corporate investors, angel investors, and foreign investors.
●International connections: We will assist startups to explore overseas market channels and business resources through our partners in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
●SuperStartup! "Startup Star" – the NTD 100 million marketing subsidy program: During year 2019 to 2022, the "Startup Star" program will subsidize 25 startups each year with media exposure equivalent to NTD 1 million per startup (totaled in NTD 100 million for 100 startups).
●SuperStartup! "STSP Star" – the NTD 40 million marketing subsidy program: During year 2019 to 2022, the "STSP Star" program will subsidize 10 STSP enterprises each year by offering marketing programs equivalent to NTD 1 million per enterprise (totaled in NTD 40 million for 40 STSP enterprises).










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